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Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose  

Learn to intentionally and effectivley overcome negative mindsets and challenges keeping you from freedom in life, livelihood or leadership.  

 In this parable set in the Adirondacks, Gus is about to  journey to a place called Hope and gain the nuggets of wisdom you are looking for. In these pages, readers will discover that the HABITS OF HOPE is an acronym for the fourteen aspects of hope they need to incorporate in their lives, including:
** Hearing You Are Blessed
** Appreciating the Good
** Investing in Yourself and Your Dreams
** Fueling Your Brain 
** Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Here's what others are saying about The Habits of Hope

  • "The Habits of Hope took me on an unexpected journey. I was unprepared for the tidal wave of life-application wisdom within its pages, each page baiting me to the next. With great pleasure and a cherry on top, I am recommending this offering with full conviction and passion that if applied, your life will experience true transformation and freedom as yet unrealized." --Ted Doberstein, Reader 
  • “For everyone who’s wanted to live a powerful life, one filled with meaning, energy and purpose, this book offers you the way to go. It’s a terrific resource and a fantastic treasure!” --Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny
  • Caliguire not only has great wisdom to share, but his storytelling is quite engaging. --Moe Girkins, Former CEO Zondervan Publishing 
  • WOW! IT'S WONDERFUL! I already have pages of notes to for me and my business!    -- Diane Overgard,  Founder and President, 45 Degrees                                                                                                         
  • This book was so engaging it had me crying at times, laughing at others and reading out loud to my wife. The twelve habits Jeff shares in this book are helping reshape my life and my purpose for existence. I instantly started to think of people I wanted to share this book with and I personally think this book should be incorporated into our schools curriculum --Clay Madden, Reader 
  • Reading The Habits of Hope, my mind began racing with the names of friends and family I want to give this book to... May the whole world hear!
    --Angela Thomas Pharr, Best-Selling Author and Speaker 

The Habits of Hope achieved #1 status in both motivational & inspiration categories!!

"Reading through the Habits of Hope, my mind began racing with the names of friends and family I want to give this book to!"
Angela Thomas Pharr,
Best-Selling Author
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